Photo of the band in profile, overlaid with the 2024 spring tour branding of a light blue triangle and the name Carbon Leaf

Live - 2024/04/18 - Magic Bag - Ferndale, MI

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Set List:

** the recordings of the first three songs are not available and have been substituted with other takes from the tour six nights earlier

01 Changeless (from Charlotte, NC Apr 12)

02 What About Everything (from Charlotte, NC Apr 12)

03 Love for Sale (from Charlotte, NC Apr 12)

04 Dirty Bird (Learn to Fly)

05 Love Loss Hope Repeat

06 American Tale

07 Life Less Ordinary

08 Love Rain Down

09 Paloma

10 Desperation Song

11 Shine

12 Everything's Alright Mama

13 The War Was in Color

14 Miss Hollywood

15 Pale Blue Dot

16 One Prairie Outpost

17 Bow & Arrow

18 Banish Misfortune

19 The Boxer

20 She's Gone

21 Let Your Troubles Roll By